Welcome to The Heart of England Hedge Laying Group (HOEHLG) website.

The group has been set up to showcase hedge laying styles from our area: Midland Bullock, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Our aims are to:

logo Raise awareness of the reasons for laying hedges and the benefits to the environment.

logo Help and support professional hedge layers who work under these styles as well as supporting new and advancing hedge layers.

logo Provide training opportunities for anyone interested in our styles and other forms of hedgerow maintenance.

logo Build strong links with other organisations.

logo Document our findings to form an archive to preserve knowledge for future generations of hedge layers.

logo Provide advice on hedgerow management.

If you share these aims and would like to join, then please contact the secretary whose details you will find on the contacts page. The cost of a year's membership is a mere £15