Heart of England Hedge Laying Group

Gap Filling (Graham Teece)

In this series of photos we can see how a gap is filled using an old pleacher.

Here we can see an old pleacher which extends over a gap. In general it is best to remove old pleachers and just use the growth from the stools but in this case the pleacher can be relaid to the ground, enabling the gap to be filled successfully.

The undergrowth has been cleared and a shallow trench dug under the pleacher that it can be dropped into.

Now the stool where the old pleacher is growing from is pleached, allowing the old pleacher to drop into the trench.

The stem growing from the left end of the old pleacher, visible in the first two pictures, has now itself been pleached and laid over.

The stem growing from that part of the stool is itself laid and the rest of the stool removed as being extra to requirement.

Here is the finished configuration with the gap neatly filled. In time the old pleacher may root in the trench and provide another stool for laying next time around.

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